Spare parts service

  • Spare parts service (2)

    Deliver high-quality original spare parts quickly to ensure the safety and production efficiency of your machine.

  • Spare parts service (3)

    The spare parts warehouse stores various crane parts, such as crane wheel, crane hook, crane cabin, end carriage, remote control, magnetic sucker, grab bucket.

  • Spare parts service (1)

    The optimized spare parts group can meet your special technical requirements and working conditions.

Repair Service

If you have quality problems after receiving the machine, you can contact us at any time. Our after-sales service personnel will carefully listen to your difficulties and provide solutions. According to the specific situation of the problem, we will arrange engineers for remote video guidance or send engineers to the site.

Repair Service

and testing service

Customer safety and satisfaction are very important to SEVENCRANE. Putting customers first has always been our goal. Our project department will arrange a special project coordinator to plan the delivery, installation and test of your equipment. Our project team includes engineers who are qualified to install cranes and have relevant certificates. Of course they know more about our products.

Training service

The operator responsible for operating the crane shall receive sufficient training and obtain the certificate before starting work. Statistics show that crane operator training is very necessary. It can prevent safety accidents in personnel and factories, and improve the service life of lifting equipment that may be affected by misuse.

Know your crane.
The crane starts safely.
Shut down the crane safely.
Training service
General instructions on safety slings.
General description of auxiliary lifting accessories.
General description of emergency procedures.

Crane operator training courses can be customized according to your special needs. By using this method, operators can notice some serious problems and take timely measures to solve them in their subsequent daily operations. Typical contents of the training course include.

Upgrade service

Upgrade service

As your business changes, your material handling requirements may also change. Upgrading your crane system means less downtime and cost-effectiveness.

We can evaluate and upgrade your existing crane system and support structure to make your system meet the current industry standards.

Upgrade services include:

  • Increase the load capacity of the crane
  • Major component upgrade
  • Modern electrification system


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