Portable Gantry Crane for Mexico Technician Training

An equipment repair company from Mexico has recently purchased using our portable gantry crane for technician training purposes. The company has been in the business of repairing lifting equipment for several years now, and they have realized the importance of investing in the training of their technicians. In mid -April, they contacted us, hoping to buy a multi -functional and easy -to -use machine. We recommended portable gantry crane. At present, the machine has been put into use to help their technicians learn to repair and maintain the skills required for various types of equipment.


Our portable gantry crane is an ideal tool for technician training because it is lightweight, easy to set up, and can be used to lift equipment up to 20 tonne weight capacity. The equipment repair company has been using the portable gantry crane to train their technicians on the safe and proper use of lifting equipment, including rigging and hoisting procedures. They have also been using it to teach their technicians about load calculations, determining the center of gravity of loads, and how to use lifting accessories such as slings and shackles. The technicians have been able to practice their skills in a controlled environment, which has helped them to develop the confidence and competence they need to handle real-life repair situations safely and efficiently.

Thanks to the portability of our gantry crane, the equipment repair company has been able to take their training sessions to different locations, including customer sites where they need to perform maintenance and repair work. This has enabled their technicians to learn how to work in different environments and under different conditions, further enhancing their skills and capabilities.


In conclusion, the use of our portable gantry crane has proven to be a great investment for the equipment repair company, helping their technicians to learn the skills they need to perform their jobs more effectively and safely. We are happy to have been able to provide them with a reliable and versatile training tool, and we look forward to continued collaboration in the future.

Post time: May-17-2023